I will forever zemember starting from the bottom with no money, credit, or experience. Working mostly 130 plus hours every week, making no money, but still smiling because I chose to focus on the feeling I would have when the goal would be achieved. I've been laughed at, called crazy, and told to go back to doing what I used to by loved ones. Started with a Wal-Mart fryer in my backyard, delivering on a bike up and down Crenshaw until 4am or 5am, to a commercial countertop fryer to cajun cookers put on a lawnmower trailer.  Dealt with freezing in the winter in a tent, to asking a hundred people to lend me money at 20% interest so I could get a Commercial Food Trailer and work year-round and was turned down by all but a few.  Struggled to pay bills and no one allowing me to post up without a huge fee, all the while providing jobs for many friends and family who actually made way more money than me.  Went on to become one of South Jersey's Best, to being featured on ABC, Fox5, Fox29, NBC, Phl 17, and a host of radio stations, newspaper features.  Was serving hundreds of people from all over the country and even had an agent pitch me for a show on food network, for it all to come to an abrupt end on Valentine's Day in 2017.

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