Our Menu

Lunch - Dinner

● Zhicken Zoagie w/ FF

● Zish Zoagie w/ FF

● Zish & Zhicken Zoagie w/ FF

● Zish & Zhrimp Zoagie w/ FF

● Zalmon & Zrocolli Zoagie w/FF

● Zalmon, Zhrimp & Zrocolli w/FF

●Zhrimp Zoagie w/ FF

● Zrab & Zhrimp Zoagie w/ FF

● Zheesesteak w/ FF

● Zhicken Zheesesteak w/ FF

Add $1 for grilled food ~ Add $1 for Cajun

ZOAGIES ~ Unbelievable Fried Hoagies

All Zoagies come on a fried roll with fresh lettuce, hand-sliced grape tomatoes, cheese, & special house zauce!

No Dough Platters

Zish, Zhrimp, Zhicken Zenders come  w/ Zrench Zries

● Single meat No Dough

● Double meat No Dough

● Triple meat No Dough

● Quad No Dough

●Zish & bread

● Zhrimp No Dough

● Zrab Zakes (2)

Zalads & Zacos

Zalad or large Zaco Wrap with your choice of Zish, Zhrimp, Zhicken Zenders or any double meat combination

● Single meat zalad

● Double meat zalad

● Single meat zaco

● Double meat zaco

Zides & More 

Side of zries

Side of Zrocolli

Side of Zorn

Menu & Pricing Subject to Change.  Catering Menu also Available Catering Inquiries

Phone: 267-693-8620